UNHCR Report : Mapping Statelessness in Belgium

In an attempt to gain a greater understanding of the situation facing stateless people in Belgium, UNHCR undertook this interdisciplinary research project which examines socio-demographic and legal aspects of statelessness.

The project ran from November 2010 until the end of July 2012 and was supervised by UNHCR in collaboration with the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition to Racism.

The research aims to provide greater clarity on how many stateless people there are in the country and their protection needs. Available statistics, primarily from census and administrative data, were gathered and analysed. Interviews with people who are stateless were also organized.

In addition, the research analyses existing legislation and procedures governing the determination of statelessness and the enjoyment of rights under the 1954 Convention. With respect to the prevention and reduction of statelessness, the report examines the compatibility of national legislation with the 1961 Convention. It finally contains a set of recommendations .

The report is only available in English.

However, a summary report exists in French, Dutch and English.

Publication Date:
Fri 01 Mar 2013
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