Practical Measures to Reduce Irregular Migration - EU synthesis (EMN)

This synthesis report summarises the main findings of the national reports for the EMN study on practical measures to reduce irregular migration preformed by EMN national contact points from 22 member states.

About this study:

Reducing irregular migration is a policy priority both at EU level  and national level.  This is evidenced by the fact, for example, that almost all (Member) States have introduced legislative changes for reducing irregularity in recent years.

The report outlines the results achieved by (Member) States in reducing irregular migration and the effectiveness of practical measures and the impact of EU legislation are described. 

One feature arising from this study is that there is not one single ‘type’ of irregular migrant; rather people enter into an irregular situation for a range of reasons, and hence cannot be conveniently brought together into one group towards which one policy can be targeted.

This synthesis report is only available in English.The national reports of the member states can be found here

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Wed 31 Oct 2012
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