Practical Guide and Information for Migrants. Know your rights in order to assert them. (The Human Rights League)

Through its work in collaboration with grassroots associations and its task to provide information and referral in relation to individual requests, the Human Rights League has noted a series of needs specific to the domain of migration. The most important is undoubtedly that of access to information for migrants about their rights. The Human Rights League has therefore published a pocket guide containing the most important practical information for migrants.

The Human Rights League has published a pocket guide with the most important practical information for migrants.

This guide has the ambition to find itself directly in the hands of the migrant. It provides the contact details of institutions, administrations and associations which are useful in the situations of the daily life of migrants in Belgium: right of residence, access to health care, training, schooling, housing, etc.

This guide contains a basic information which, in the majority of cases, will have to be supplemented by professionals. A guide to the attention of professionals, specialized or not in the field of migration, was published in September 2016 and provides them with a minimal information base to enable them to orient the requests addressed to them.

This pocket guide for migrants is meant to be a complement to the information tools produced by the partner associations specializing in matters relating to the rights of third country nationals.

The Pocket Guide is available in French and English on the Human Rights League website:

It is also available in hard copy, in both languages, upon request to the secretariat: +32 (0)2 209 62 80 - [email protected]

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Mon 06 Feb 2017
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