Policy Report 2013 on Asylum and Migration in Belgium (EMN)

This is the 10th Policy Report elaborated by the Belgian Contact Point of the EMN. It provides an overview of major developments in the field of asylum and migration in Belgium in the year 2013.

Cover page of 2013 BE EMN Policy report

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Overall developments in asylum and migration in 2013 focus inter alia on:

  • further implementing a coherent policy, linking asylum, migration, reception
  • controlling incoming and outcoming flows
  • discouraging multiple asylum applications
  • increasing the number of persons to be resettled
  • developing qualitative, flexible and efficient reception facilities
  • struggling against misuse of the right to family reunification
  • promoting voluntary return
  • tackling abuse of voluntary return schemes
  • forcibly removing persons posing a threat to public order
  • preventing and combatting irregular migration
  • adapting anti-trafficking legislation
  • better detecting and referring victims of trafficking

Some of these developments and more are presented in the report, including the following sections:

  • legal migration and mobility
  • international protection including asylum
  • unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable groups
  • actions addressing trafficking in human beings
  • migration and development policy
  • irregular migration
  • return

Please view the report itself for detailed information.

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Thu 24 Jul 2014
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