Managed Migration and the Labour Market - The Health Sector: The Belgian Case

This study examines the migration of students and professionals in the health sector in Belgium. It addresses various issues relating to qualifications and attractiveness of the education system and limitations to the migration of health professionals from third countries.

About the study:

Belgium has a limited influx of foreign professionals in the health sector, more concentrated in highly skilled occupations. These professionals are mainly from neighboring countries (France, Netherlands and Germany) as well as Italy and Morocco. The presence of French students evading rationing and control measures in France is particularly significant in the French part of the country. The migration of health professionals from third countries doesn't seem desirable because it could encourage the brain drain of qualified persons from developing countries. It also seems practically difficult due to many obstacles, including language barriers. This migration finally raises questions given the upcoming shortages in certain professions in several countries.

This study is available in English only.

Author: Prof. dr. Jozef Pacolet and Sigrid Merckx (Higher Institute of Labour Studies, Catholic University, Leuven)

Publication Date:
Fri 30 Jun 2006
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