Impacts of the European Migration Network (EMN Inform)

This EMN Inform draws together examples of impacts that the EMN and its products have had in relation to policymaking and debate on issues of migration and asylum at EU and national levels.

The EMN Inform demonstrates that:

  • EMN Reports and Studies are widely read by a range of national, EU and international audiences.
  • EMN Studies have been used directly to feed into the policymaking process at various stages of the cycle at EU level and national level.
  • At National level, the EMN NCPs are, through their activities, helping to bring together a wide range of national stakeholders to debate policy priorities.
  • The EMN Ad-Hoc Query tool is widely used by EU and National policymakers as a mechanism to obtain, within a short timeframe, a perspective from across all Member States (and Norway) on specific issues.
  • The EMN Bulletin, EMN Conferences, EMN webpages at EU level plus national newsletters and web-sites disseminate information on migration and asylum to wide audiences including the general public.

This inform further shows inter alia (i) how EMN policy reports have contributed to the Commission’s Annual Reports on Immigration and Asylum, reviewing progress made in the implementation of EU immigration and asylum policy, (ii) how studies were developed in conjunction with key stakeholders, their findings presented in central fora and their outcomes used to feed into reflexions on agendas, action plans etc., (iii) how networking both at EU and national levels allows strengthening synergies and cooperation, (iv) in which ways ad hoc queries have informed EU and national policy making and (v) to what extent activities and conferences have been valuable in developing discussion and debate on issues of interest.

Publication Date:
Thu 14 Aug 2014
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