Guidelines for Monitoring and Evaluation of AVR(R) Programmes (EMN)

The Guidelines – developed under the EMN Return Expert Group (REG) - propose a common methodology that Member States can follow to monitor and evaluate AVVR programmes.

The overall aim of these guidelines is to improve the evidence-base to inform the policy debate on return by identifying a common methodology for monitoring and evaluation that Member States can apply on a voluntary basis.

For this purpose, the guidelines propose a common set of core indicators for monitoring and evaluation which – if applied consistently in all EU Member States – will enable the analysis of EU-level aggregate data on AVR(R) programmes. The core indicators have been selected on the basis of their usefulness for evaluating the programmes and data-collection feasibility. Indeed, many of the indicators are already being collected in Member States.

Overall, the common framework aims at:

  • Promoting the M&E of AVR(R) throughout the EU;
  • Assisting those Member States not currently monitoring and evaluating AVR(R) to start doing so;
  • Improving the quality of AVR(R) M&E throughout the EU;
  • Helping make the data collected through AVR(R) M&E more comparable at EU level, which in turn will support the exchange of good practices on AVR(R) between Member States and support EU policymaking on return.

The guidelines will be of use to programme designers and programme implementers at national level and may also be useful to any other interested institutions/organisations/authorities at both national as well as EU level including also policy-makers and politicians.

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Mon 25 Jan 2016
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