Family reunification under strain: restrictive vs. flexible policies

The King Baudouin Foundation, the European Policy Centre and the Odysseus Academic Network (ULB) have organised a Conference on Family reunification under strain: restrictive vs. flexible policies, on last 17 November

About this study:

Family migration is a crucial and sensitive issue that has been recognised at EU level since the adoption of the Directive on the right to family reunification in 2003. While the Directive defines and frames the conditions for the exercise of the right to family reunification, Member States have some leeway when it comes to implementation.

This new study commissioned by the King Baudouin Foundation and carried out by the European Policy Centre, in cooperation with the Odysseus Academic Network, covering nine EU Member States, demonstrates that, in general, national rules on conditions for family reunification have been modified repeatedly to make family reunification more difficult. Although this restrictive trend is shared by a majority of Member States, a number have adopted more flexible policies in this regard.

The report (in English) of the 17 November conference on Family reunification under strain - Restrictive v. flexible policies is available for download on this website. The publication is available for download on the website of the King Baudouin Foundation in French and in Dutch.

Authors: Yves Pascouau (Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre) and Henri Labayle (Professor the University of Pau, France).

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Mon 28 Nov 2011
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