Elderly migrants: seniors in our country

This publication from the King Baudouin Foundation, reviews 22 projects building bridges between elderly migrants and existing services. Based on such experiences, tracks are identified to further involve elderly migrants in the society.

The majority of persons of foreign origin who are aged over 60 years are descendants from labour migrants and are originate from southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal), Turkey and North Africa (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia). However they present migration profiles also increasingly diverse, including because of recent immigration.

Based on the observation that older migrants do not know or insufficient know the supply of servicesa and that existing care and structures know too little about older migrants, this publication reviews various approaches implemented by 22 projects with a view to answering the question "How to reduce the gap between older migrants and the current supply of social, cultural and health-related services? ".

This report intends to reflect the diversity of approaches and methods (clarifying needs and expectations, developing communication tools, etc.), disseminating the lessons learned and sharing experiences in order to inspire field workers involved in these issues.

The publication is only available in French and in Dutch.

Publication Date:
Wed 08 Aug 2012
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