Comparative study on the best practices for the integration of resettled refugees in the EU Member States

This study examines the question of the integration of resettled refugees in EU Member States, by analysing the EU policy framework for resettlement and integration, national practices, and how they could be enhanced based on global and EU guidelines and recommendations.

The study coordinated by ECRE and commissioned by the European Parliament found that while in certain cases specialised support and services are necessary for the resettled refugees, generally speaking, the main need remains to enhance the quality and broaden the scope of mainstream integration services, from which all refugees, including those who have been resettled, benefit.

The research recommends that Member States grant permanent resident status to refugees upon arrival and waive restrictive citizenship application requirements. EU policies should support the tripartite character of resettlement through strengthened partnerships between states, NGOs and international organisations. The EU should support processes for clearer common criteria on how to promote and how to measure refugee integration, including the integration of resettled refugees.


Publication Date:
Fri 08 Feb 2013
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