2011 Annual Report on the Situation of Asylum in the European Union and on the Activities of EASO

EASO's 1st annual report covers the 1st year of EASO operation and looks into various topics such as international developments, EASO tools and responses and EASO's network. It also includes relevant statistics.

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EASO activities in its first year of existence took place in a context where asylum was one of the main issues on the European Union's agenda. International events, in particular the so-called "Arab Spring" caused unexpected movements of populations on a large scale.

The 2011 annual report reviews EASO's actions including missions of support teams, training activities, COI, early warning and preparadness system, cooperation with institutional partners and other stakeholders

The report also comments on a number of significant rulings by the Court of Justice of the European Union, by ECtHR and by national Courts showing the growing importance of jurisprudence in clarifying the interpretation of the EU asylum acquis.

Further information can be found in EASO's press release and full annual report.

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Tue 31 Jul 2012
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