NO EMN NCP Conference on the use of methods and technology in identity verification (Oslo)

The conference of the Norwegian National Contact Point of the EMN, which will take place in Oslo on 1 June 2017, will focus on the methods and technology used to establish migrants' identities.


The objective of the conference, hosted by the Norwegian Contact Point of the EMN, is to discuss the possibilities and challenges faced by immigration authorities when verifying the identity of asylum seekers and other immigrants.

Establishing and verifying a person's identity are core issues when reviewing and processing applications for immigration, asylum and residence. As a result, authorities constantly focus efforts on developing robust, effective methods and systems designed to establish and verify identity.

This conference will especially focus on the role technology can play in identity verification.

The draft programme is available here.


1 June 2017



Auditorium R5, Akersgt. 59, Oslo, Norway


You can register for this event by filling in the registration form on the website of the Norwegian Contact Point of the EMN.

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Further information on this event is available here.

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