New list of safe countries of origin came into force and now also includes Georgia

Today, 29 August 2016, the Royal Decree from 3 August 2016 establishing the list of safe countries of origin was published in the Belgian Official Gazette and came into force. Besides the same countries as for previous years, the new list now also includes Georgia.

The list of safe countries of origin now inlcudes the following eight countries:

  1. Albania
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. FYROM
  4. Kosovo
  5. Serbia
  6. Montenegro
  7. India
  8. Georgia

The fact that an asylum applicant originates from a safe country of origin does not automatically mean that his/her application will not be taken into consideration. However the asylum applicant will have to put forward substantial arguments to demonstrate that his country of origin can not be considered as safe due to specific personal circumstances.

The Royal Decree (only in French/Dutch) is available on the website of the Belgian Official Gazette (Numac 2016000489).

Publication Date: Mon 29 Aug 2016
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