The World's Stateless Children (ISI)

This report of the ‘Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion’ (ISI) explores the urgency of and opportunities for addressing childhood statelessness. Over 50 experts and organizations have contributed material – essays, interviews, photographs and more.

This flagship report deals with a multitude of different dimensions of childhood statelessness, with chapters exploring the right to a nationality, challenges in the context of migration and displacement, the significance of the Sustainable Development Agenda, the mechanics of safeguards against statelessness for children, and litigation, legal assistance and other forms of mobilization as strategies to tackle childhood statelessness.

The authors argue that childhood statelessness can be avoided. Yet it has been estimated that a child is born stateless every 10 minutes.

A child may be left stateless due to the failure to tackle inter-generational exclusion, as a result of gender discrimination in nationality laws, because his or her mother was incarcerated at the time of the birth, as a consequence of the failure to regulate the complex questions which international commercial surrogacy throws up with respect to legal parentage, in the context of conflict and displacement which interrupts access to civil registration, as an unintended by-product of the lack of harmonization of nationality rules and practices globally – or in many other circumstances.

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Sun 01 Jan 2017
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