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Together in the EU: Promoting the participation of migrants and their descendants (FRA)

This report from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) aims to encourage determined and effective action towards building a Europe that is truly inclusive, rights-based and fair.

This report examines Member States’ integration policies and action plans for promoting their participation in society, focusing on non-discrimination, education, employment, language learning and political engagement.

Among other findings, the report underlines that greater efforts are needed to coordinate approaches among Member States, to reframe integration as a dynamic, two-way process of mutual accommodation and to assess the impact of measures. Member States should collect and share data on integration as well as best practices so as to learn what works in practice.

The report specifically addresses issues such as discrimination, education, gender, language learning and voting rights. It highlights promising practices and shortcomings in Member States efforts to foster integration and social inclusion.

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Wed 15 Mar 2017
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