Statistics on Migration, Integration and Discrimination in Europe

Over the project's lifetime, the project team investigated the scope, availability and comparability of quantitative data in the area of migration, integration and discrimination in Europe, studying available statistical data and data collection in 29 countries.

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About this report:

The final report of the Prominstat project is a compilation of the main results of the project. The report includes a project overview, a description of the institutional framework of data collection and the evolution of (inter-)national data collection systems, an analysis of different types of data sources and its availability in Europe, a gaps and need analysis as well as recommendations for improving the data situation in Europe. Furthermore, the reports summarises the main results of the thematic studies prepared in the framework of the project and includes an additional text box on remittances data.

This report is available in English only.

Author: Albert Kraler and David Reichel (ICMPD)

Publication Date:
Tue 28 Dec 2010
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