Report of the Norwegian Welfare and Migration Committee

The Norwegian 'Welfare and Migration Committee' (Brochmann Committee) issued a report on the prospects for the Norwegian welfare state in view of increasing immigration

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The so called Brochmann Committee was set up by the Norwegian government in 2009 to provide more knowledge about how the Norwegian welfare model works in a time of increased immigration and emigration.

The committee has been given a broad mandate and examine, amongst others, the social insurance schemes and the measures used in integration and labour market policy.

The committee also considered whether there are aspects of immigration policy that are particularly relevant for the future design of the Norwegian welfare model.

According to the report, submitted to the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusionon on May 10, no evidence was found of a serious problem for the country’s welfare system from the increase in immigration in the short term. However, the report added that despite this, “between a third and a quarter of the opinion in Norway believes in the idea of a ‘two-tier’ welfare system” that disproportionately benefits immigrants. The committee did make a number of recommendations regarding the integration of immigrants into the job market, and on how to avoid the “export” of benefits from the welfare system to other countries and relatives of immigrants that do not live in Norway.

The report itself is published in Norwegian but an extensive summary is available in English.

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Thu 13 Oct 2011
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