Practical approaches and good practices in return and reintegration to Afghanistan and Pakistan (EMN Inform)

This EMN Inform provides information concerning Member States’ practices on return and reintegration to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Background information

Despite the fact that the number of returns to Pakistan and Afghanistan has significantly increased, many Member States experience difficulties in returning third-country nationals (TCNs) to these two countries. Against this context, the purpose of this EMN Inform is to:

  • Measure the impact of the programmes to support return and reintegration to Afghanistan and Pakistan;
  • Describe how Member States adjust their programmes to support return and reintegration;
  • Identify good practices and scope for further cooperation in order to increase return to these countries in a human and dignified manner;
  • Present latest available comparable statistics on return and reintegration from EU Member States to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Inform: some findings

  • Afghanistan and Pakistan are amongst the top 5 countries of origin of TCN) subject to a return decision.
  • The proportion of the number of returns effected as compared to the number of return decisions issued in 2013 is 21% for Afghan and 48% for Pakistan nationals while overall this is 42% for all nationalities.
  • Only a few Member States have developed tailored reintegration programmes to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • TCNs are well informed about the possibilities of Assisted Voluntary Return to Afghanistan/Pakistan.
  • The number of EU Member States' joint reintegration projects to Afghanistan and Pakistan is increasing.

The Inform provides more information on (i) the impacts of return and reintegration assistance (ii) the characteristics of the programmes supporting return (iii) good practices and the scope for further cooperation.

Publication Date:
Mon 01 Dec 2014
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