Monitoring Anti-Trafficking Re/Integration Programmes. A Manual

The King Baudouin Foundation publishes a practical tool for practitioners in the re/integration of victims of human trafficking

KBS-Manual: Monitoring anti-trafficking re/integration programmes

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About this study:

Re/integration refers to the process of recovery and economic and social inclusion following a trafficking experience. Given the complexity of the re/integration process, it is particularly important that efforts are made to systematically monitor and evaluate assistance programmes to assess if and how re/integration has been achieved as well as how to work more effectively towards re/integration of trafficked persons.

This monitoring tool has been developed in the context of the King Baudouin Foundation’s Trafficking Victims Re/integration Programme (TVRP) in South-eastern Europe (SEE).

This manual proposes and outlines two aspects of monitoring:

1) how to monitor individual re/integration plans and

2) how to monitor re/integration services

and is considered from the perspective of re/integration professionals and programme beneficiaries.

For each aspect of monitoring, a matrix has been developed, composed of indicators and the associated means of verification, to measure the impact and success of individual services and, cumulatively, the various stages of re/integration.

This study is available in English only.

Author: Rebecca Surtees (Nexus Institute), published by the King Baudouin Foundation

Publication Date:
Wed 04 May 2011
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