Migration: the solution to shortages of staff in the healthcare sector?

Johan Wets and Tom De Bruyn, researchers at the Reasearch Center HIVA of the KUL publish their study about shortages of staff in the healthcare sector in Belgium.

This study analyses causes and consequences of medical, nursing and care assistants shortages in Belgium. It also examines issues related to brain drain and alternatives which could address these shortages that both countries of origin and of destination experience.

Belgium has so far mainly focused on a policy which tends to increase the attractiveness of these jobs and recruitment in labour stockage tanks available in Belgium.

The international recruitment of health care professionals has slowly taken place in Belgium only since the past few years. Numerous barriers remain in relation to the implementation of these opportunities: academic recognition of diplomas or the linguistic and cultural acclimatization of the transferred staff.

Moreover, the study examines the critical shortage of health care professionals and provides an in-depth analysis on the brain drain issue in regions of origin.

The article analyzes the code of ethics proposed by the European Commission in the EU Member States and investigates the development of a code of conduct for social  agents working in the field.

This document is available both in French en Dutch on the King Baudouin Foundation site.

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