Migration Initiative 2013 in support of Developpement (IOM)

The edition provides a summary of IOM's regional strategies and presents IOM's responses and funding needs according to key thematic areas which all aim to enhance migration's positive impact on development.

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Since its first publication in 1999, the Migration Initiatives provides an overview of IOM's current and intended responses to the wide range of evolving global, regional and national migration needs and pressures. In alignment with IOM's 2013 High-level Dialogue theme on Migration and Development, this year's edition is entitled Migration Initiatives 2013 in Support of Development”.


  • Foreword
  • Migration and Development
  • IOM Strategy
  • Annotations
  • Overview of IOM CAP Funding Requirements
  • Total Funding Requirements
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Middle East and North Africa
  • Americas
  • Asia and Pacific
  • Europe and Central Asia
  • Multiregional

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Publication Date:
Fri 07 Dec 2012
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