Migration in figures and in rights 2015 (Myria-Federal Migration Centre)

In this report, Myria provides an annual overview of the demographics and of the situation of foreigners in terms of fundamental rights in Belgium. Myria also provides recommendations for the belgian public authorities.

Myria's annual report "Migration in figures and in rights 2015" contains many figures to better understand the nature and evolution of migration: flows, stocks, reasons for the issuance of residence permits, international protection, economic and student migration, regularisations, detention and removals, acquisition of the belgian nationality... By analyzing these different aspects, Myria hopes to contribute to a better understanding of the phenomenon of migration in its globality and its diversity.

Among others, the report shows that between 2010 and 2013, foreign immigration has decreased in Belgium: from 140.375 in 2010 to 122.079 in 2013. In 2013, 63% of foreign immigrants are EU-28 citizens and 67% of foreign emigrants are also european citizens. Furthermore, it shows that 3.918 people were granted refugee status or subsidiary protection in 2013, which represents 9% of the first residence permits issued to third country nationals.

The report also contains a series of recommendations for belgian public authorities related to different challenges linked to migration. In particular, Myria has chosen this year to put an emphasis on the best interests of the child, stressing that it needs to be a priority in all procedures linked to migration.

The report is available in French and in Dutch. For further information, visit Myria's website.

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Fri 04 Sep 2015
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