Making Integration Work. Refugees and others in need of protection (OECD)

This policy-oriented booklet reviews OECD countries' experiences with the integration of refugees and humanitarian migrants. It is the first volume of the OECD series 'Making Integration Work', developed with support from Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the King Baudouin Foundation in Belgium.

This booklet aims to summarise in a non-technical way the main challenges and good policy practices to support the lasting integration of refugees and humanitarian migrants for selected key domains of integration. The booklet presents the following 10 lessons and examples of good practice from OECD countries, complemented by comparisons of the policy frameworks for the integration of humanitarian migrants in OECD countries:

1. Provide activation and integration services as soon as possible for humanitarian  migrants and asylum seekers with high prospects of being allowed to stay.
2. Factor employment prospects into dispersal policies.
3. Take into account the growing diversity of humanitarian migrants and develop tailor-made approaches.
4. Develop support programmes specific to unaccompanied minors who arrive past the age of compulsory schooling.
5. Promote equal access to integration services to humanitarian migrants across the country.
6. Facilitate labour market access for asylum seekers with high prospects of being allowed to stay.
7. Record and assess humanitarian migrants’ foreign qualifications, work experience and skills.
8. Identify mental and physical health issues early and provide adequate support.
9. Build on civil society to integrate humanitarian migrants.
10. Acknowledge that the integration of very poorly educated humanitarian migrants requires long-term training and support.

This publication was launched at a joint high-level conference with UNHCR on "Integration of Beneficiaries of International Protection" and can be read for free online here.

The publication is available in English and German.

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Wed 24 Feb 2016
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