Getting the balance right. Strengthening asylum reception capacity at national and EU levels (Migration Policy Institute Europe)

This MPI Europe report by Michael Kegels, details the central importance of well-functioning reception systems for asylum seekers in the EU.

This report, written by the Operational Director for the Belgian reception agency for asylum seekers (Fedasil), Michael Kegels, seeks to understand the reception capacity challenges faced by EU Member States and to stimulate reflection on possible answers. It first presents the three tenets of a successful reception system—flexibility, efficiency, and quality—and the difficulty balancing their often-conflicting demands. It then reflects on divergent national approaches to reception management, and seeks to understand why certain strategies are adopted, and with what consequences for Member States and the Common European Asylum System at large. The report concludes with reflections on the central importance of reception as a building block of the Common European Asylum System, and potential ways forward to strengthen its quality, flexibility, and cost efficiency through improved coordination and delivery of support.

The report is available in English.


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Wed 03 Feb 2016
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