Flemish Migration and Integration Monitor 2015

The report contains administrative and statistical data on migration and asylum, integration, social cohesion and the social position and participation of foreign nationals and people of foreign origin in Flanders, within a Belgian and European framework.

The Flemish Migration and Integration Monitor 2015 – the second edition of this periodical report - is the result of a joint project of the Research Institute for Labour and Society (HIVA, KU Leuven), the Research Office of the Flemish Government (SVR) and the Agency for Home Affairs (ABB), realized within the framework of the Support Centre for Civic Integration and Integration (Slenl).

The report aims at supporting the planning, development and evaluation of integration policy in Flanders. It is also a useful instrument in other policy domains, such as employment, education or health. The report also adresses universities, research institutions, civil society organisations and the broader audience.

The report begins with a contextual overview of the Belgian migration and asylum policy and the Flemish civic integration and integration policy. It then provides statistical information on migration flows of foreign nationals in Flanders, Belgium and the EU. Chapter 3 deals with the demographical impact of migration. Chapter 4 focuses on civic integration and the integration process. Chapter 5 provides information on social cohesion and chapter 6 provides information on the social position and participation of foreign nationals in the field of  employment, education, housing, well-being, and health.

The report is available in Dutch.

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Thu 21 Jan 2016
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