Family Reunification at the Crossroad between European and Belgian Law

This Publication of the King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) aims at providing an analysis of the European legal framework, from offering better regulation of family reunification by Member States to protective jurisprudence, as well as Belgian law (the law of 15.12.1980) and recent developments.

About this study:

No migration policy can ignore the issue of family reunification. It is a central component of the rules governing the entry and residence of foreign nationals in countries’ national territory. Consequently, any amendment to the legislation on foreign nationals, whether national or European, strikes to the heart of the family structure. Family reunification also has an impact on the structure and organisation of the host society. Given its critical, sensitive and complex nature, therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the dynamics and forces that structure the issue of family reunification in both European and Belgian law. That is the aim of this publication.

This publication exists in French and Dutch. An executive summary in English is also available.

Authors: Philippe De Bruycker, (lecturer ULB & coordinator of the academic Odysseus-network) and Yves Pascouau, (lecturer ULB)

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