Facing 2020: Developing a new European Agenda for Immigration and Asylum Policy (MPI)

This Policy Brief, which launches a flagship series for Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Europe, offers a first analysis of the changed empirical and policy environment in which the European Union (EU) finds itself.

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In this Policy Brief, the author, Elizabeth Collett, notes that the successive five-year plans that have been the centrepiece of the Union’s migration strategy since 1999 are no longer up to the challenge. The European Union will need to help national policymakers shape their policies to this new landscape.

As the European Commission begins to look ahead to the next strategic programme for immigration (as part of the Justice and Home Affairs agenda), this brief sets out the baseline for future immigration scenarios and recommends a more cross-cutting and inclusive vision for the next decade.

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Publication Date:
Thu 07 Mar 2013
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