Demography, Migration and Revolt in the Southern Mediterranean

This chapter recently published in "Arab Society in Revolt" reviews demographic trends and asks to what extent immigration can help in addressing demographic challenges. It focus on the Arab Mediterranean region, interpreting emigration and revolt as two possible responses of the young.

This chapter underlines that Europe's demographic recession will have three facets: (1) a decrease in the relative weight of Europe in world population, (2) a fast decline in Europe's workforce endangering its wealth and (3) an unprecedented rise in the elderly population, jeopardizing Europe's social contract.

To address the consequences of these population trends, Europe has recourse to a range of strategies. The author encourages not to dismiss one of these: redesigning pro-immigration policies, instead of suspending them in response to rising unemployment with the economic crisis.

The chapter further analyzes trends in numbers, routes and drivers of emigration from the Maghreb to Western Europe over time. It also examines potential future migration from Arab Mediterranean countries, and how patterns of migration will evolve.

The chapter finally explores the far-reaching consequences of the Arab Spring for migratory movements both originated and destined for the region, depending on the political and economic outcomes of the uprisings and state responses.

Further on these aspects and conclusions from the author, Philippe Fargues, are to be found in the publication.

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Wed 08 Aug 2012
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