Country Factsheet Belgium 2017 (EMN)

The Country Factsheet provides succinct information on the most significant political and legislative developments in the field of migration and international protection in Belgium in 2017, plus the latest relevant statistics.

The Country Factsheet provides an overview of the main developments in migration and asylum in Belgium in 2017. The Country Factsheet is based on the Belgian EMN Annual Policy Report 2017.

More precisely, the Country Factsheet covers the following topics:

  • Legal migration and mobility
  • International protection
  • Unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable groups
  • Integration
  • Irregular migration
  • Return
  • Actions against trafficking in human beings
  • Maximising the development impact of migration and mobility

The Country Factsheet also includes a statistical annex.

The Country Factsheets 2017 for the other Member States and Norway are available here.

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Thu 06 Sep 2018
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