Conditions of Entry of Third Country Nationals in Belgium (Steunpunt Inburgering en Integratie)

This report focuses on Belgium’s admission policy for third country nationals, more particularly regarding family reunification, labour migration, and student migration. It also compares Belgium’s conditions of entry with those of other EU Member States.

The report “Conditions of entry of third country nationals in Belgium: a description of the overarching European legal framework and comparison with other EU Member States” focuses on the following main research questions:

  • What are the main conditions of entry of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) in Belgium regarding the categories “family reunification”, “labour migration” and “student migration”?
  • Which overarching European legal framework for the admission of TCNs is in force at the moment and which main conditions are determined therein?
  • How do Belgium’s conditions for admission compare to the conditions of other EU Member States? What are the main differences and similarities?

The report is available (in Dutch only) here.

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Wed 19 Aug 2015
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