Climate change and migration dynamics

Climate change is a new driver of human migration and is expected by many to dwarf all others in its impact. This study was done by the Migration Policy Institute in coperation with the European University Institute.

About this study:

Displacement is a complex proces of several mechanisms: natural hazards, poverty-related vulnerability, family ties and community networks, historical ties, proximity, and the ease of access, influence peoples decisions if they feel compelled to move.

Climate change is a new driver of human migration in that list of mechanisms. The rise of the sea-level, increasing temperatures, the disruption of water cycles, increasing severity of storms, all are determinating mechanisms in the choice to move.

Altough a growing number of policymakers around the world are concerned about the challenges and dangers that climate change presents, little agreement exists about what kinds of effects will be felt, where, by whom,and when. This publication wants to point out the importance of international organisations. They are essential for a successfull response to climate change and migration dynamics.

Author: Kathleen Newland, Migration Policy Institute & European University Institute

Publication Date:
Thu 08 Sep 2011
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