Challenges and good practices in the return and reintegration of irregular migrants to Western Africa (EMN Inform)

This EMN Inform provides information concerning EMN national Contact Points’ practices on return and reintegration to Western Africa.

Background information

EU Member States experience numerous challenges in returning third country nationals (TCNs) to countries in Western Africa. This EMN Inform aims to:

  • consider the impact of assisted voluntary return (AVR) and reintegration programmes on return and reintegration to countries in Western Africa;
  • describe how Member States adjust their programmes to support return to this region; and
  • identify challenges and good practices in return/reintegration to Western Africa.

Inform: some findings

  • Between 2009 and 2013, 8% of the total of all asylum seekers to the EU were Western Africa nationals,
  • EU Member States experience a number of challenges in returning TCNs to West Africa.
  • Returnees to Western African countries are eligible for Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration programmes implemented by all Member States.
  • The specific needs of individuals are taken into account by Member States through individual assessment procedure
  • The majority of Member States systematically undertake outreach activities on their territories aiming to encourage and prepare TCNs for their return.
  • Good practices in return and reintegration identified include: involving the diaspora community and/or organisations to reach, inform and convince; tailoring support to individuals’ needs; offering TCNs from West African countries an employment or business perspective upon return; mobilising the knowledge of local organisations in return countries; analysing migration dynamics and the phenomenon of inter-states migration.

The Inform provides more information on (i) the trends in return to Western Africa from EU and its Member States (ii) the characteristics of the programmes supporting return to Western Africa (iii) the challenges and good practices in the return/reintegration to West Africa.

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Thu 01 Jan 2015
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