Ad-Hoc Query on tuberculosis screening of foreigners

Twelve European Member States have answered to different questions concerning their practices regarding tuberculosis screening of foreigners.

The initiative to launch this Ad-Hoc Query about tuberculosis screening was taken by the Hungarian National Contact Point (NCP) of the European Migration Network (EMN). The Member States describe their actual procedures for TB screening:

-Catergories of foreigners required to undergo a tuberculosis (TB) screening are, in most of Member States, asylum seekers and refugees or third country nationals who apply for a long term visa or residence permit. Most of Member States describe their laws or regulation about screening for tuberculosis. They also describe their use of a special screening system for children and pregment women. Mostly the screening occurs systematic. However, some exceptions remain, such as in Italy or Sweden. These countries only screen foreigners in the presence of suspicion of infection or according to voluntary demand by the foreigner. UK has pre-entry screening programs for TB that UK authorities implement in countries where the disease is highly pervalent.

-Methods used for testing are mainly the X-Ray or the THT. The tests are preformed, depending on the country, in the administrative asylum centers, detention centers; or in the hospitals.

-The costs of the tests and posible treatments are, in most of the Member States, beared by national or municipality administrative asylum instances (except for UK pre-entry tests). The situation is however often more complex concerning third country nationals who did not apply for asylum.

This ad hoc query is only available in English.

Publication Date:
Mon 27 Feb 2012
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