Ad-Hoc Query on requirements of marriage and suspected numbers of marriages of convenience

16 member states provided detailed information and statistical data on their requirements of marriage and suspected marriages of convenience. This query was launched by the UK EMN NCP.

This Ad-Hoc Query provides information on:

  • the requirements couples have to meet before they can get married;
  • the kinds of evidence of identity, nationality and immigration status couples have to provide before they can marry;
  • what happens if the person conducting the marriage, or the immigration authorities, suspect a marriage is not genuine;

Also statistical numbers and/or estimates on the number of suspicious marriages and immigration applications based on marriages which are later found not to be genuine, are provided.

Detailed answers are to be found in the attached compilation and in the summary provided by the EMN NCP of the United Kingdom.

Publication Date:
Tue 24 Sep 2013
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