Ongoing and planned research EMN

In 2020 EMN Belgium will continue to contribute to multiple EMN outputs on migration and asylum policy in the EU Member States. This way EMN Belgium contributes to an evidence-based migration and asylum policy in the EU and Belgium.

Ongoing EMN research activities

  • Comparative overview of national protection statuses in the EU and Norway
    Theme: protection statuses
    Overview of non-harmonised national protection statuses in EU Member States and Norway. The study will normally be published end May or in July 2020. Initiated by EMN Ireland.
  • Pathways to citizenship for third-country nationals in the EU Member States
    Theme: citizenship
    Conditions for naturalization in EU Member States and Norway. This study will normally be published in June or July. Initiated by EMN Sweden.
  • EU long-term resident status: access, rights and integration measures (Inform)
    Theme: long-term residents
    Application of EU Directive on long-term residents, with focus on inter alia access, rights and integration measures.  
  • Questionnaire Children in migration
    Theme: underage migrants
    EMN report requested by the European Commission. To what extent do Member States respond to the recommendations of the Communication of the European Commission of 2017 on the protection of children in migration?
  • Accurate, timely, interoperable? Data management in the asylum procedure
    Theme: procedure for international protection
    Registration process and data management in asylum procedures in EU Member States. Initiated by EMN Germany.
  • Admission policies of seasonal workers from third countries in EU and Norway
    Theme: labour migration
    Practice and policy of EU Member States on non-EU seasonal workers. What is the state of play four years after the EU Directive came into force? Initiated by EMN Lithuania.
  • EMN annual report on asylum and migration in 2019
    Theme: Migration and asylum policy in Europe in the previous year
    Annual overview of migration and asylum policy in the EU and in the EU Member States, with relevant statistics. Focus on legal and policy changes, and the execution of EU policy in Belgium.

Planned EMN research activities

  • Sustainable solutions for long-term irregularly staying migrants: practices and challenges from EU Member States and Norway
    Theme: irregular migration
    How do EU Member States cope with long-term irregularly staying migrants, for whom return is not an option. Initiated by EMN Netherlands.
  • Detention and alternatives to detention
    Theme: temporary custody
    Practice and policies in EU Member States in dealing with (alternatives for) temporary custody, and the impact of these alternatives on the efficiency of the return policy. Initiated by EMN Sweden.

Ad-hoc queries

Every year more or less 100 ad-hoc queries are launched on wide range of migration related topics. These ad-hoc queries can be initiated by EMN Belgium, another Member State or Norway, or the European Commission.

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