Have a look at the KCMD Knowledge Portal

This portal allows any user – whether analyst, scientist, policymaker or interested citizen – to discover a wealth of migration information including data sources, relevant websites, stakeholder organisations, projects, networks and forums related to migration flows, trends and their impact on societies across the EU.

The Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) is a European Commission initiative on better knowledge management for sound EU policy making. The KCMD Knowledge Portal gives access to the existing KCMD Migration Data Catalogue and Dynamic Data Hub and adds a new Information Catalogue.  

The web portal focuses on supporting EU policymakers and practitioners in migration but is open to everyone.

Information catalogue

The new KCMD Information Catalogue draws on a wide range of existing information sources from within the European Commission and further afield. It also includes an inventory of European Commission and EU agencies activities on migration. Each data source, stakeholder, network, web portal and project is listed with its summary description, the link to its website and other metadata. The catalogues will evolve over time as more and new relevant data sources, stakeholders, networks, web portals and projects become available.

Data catalogue

The KCMD Data Catalogue is an inventory of migration relevant datasets made available by international organisations, European institutions notably the European Commission and EU agencies as well as some Member States' administrations. The catalogue classifies and organises the datasets in domains addressed by the European Agenda on Migration and reflecting current Commission priorities, including legal migration and integration, asylum and refugees, irregular migration and returns as well as unaccompanied minors. In addition to finding data in these predefined domains, the catalogue can be searched using keywords. 

For each dataset the catalogue gives key information e.g. on its content, methodology of collection, geographical and temporal coverage and frequency of update. By giving this insight into the usability of the datasets for analysis, the catalogue provides a guidance on available migration related data not only to EU policymakers but also to other interested parties.

Dynamic data hub

Building upon the Migration Data Catalogue, the Dynamic Data Hub is a web-based application that gives through interactive mapping direct access to single datasets. As such, the hub helps to communicate knowledge to the public at large. Furthermore, it allows the Commission to undertake analyses in order to enhance awareness and deepen understanding of migration flows to Europe, related trends and impacts. 

The hub -a platform that is gathering, pre-processing and filtering data - aims to validate, highlight limitations and put into context data on migration. With an evolving data catalogue, the hub will over time also be enriched with more data allowing all kinds of analyses to be made. In support of policy needs, the Dynamic Data Hub could help carrying out analyses of today's challenges linked to managing migration flows and identifying and addressing root causes.

Publication Date: Thu 01 Feb 2018
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