Eurostat newsrelase on asylum applications in 2017 and asylum decisions

Today Eurostat published the 2017 statistics on 'Asylum in the EU' on its website. It covers main trends and characteristics of first time applicants and first instance decisions on asylum applications for 2017 in the EU.


The report is also complemented with an Infographic - a visualisation of the top 3 citizenships of applicants and Member States respectively.


Some key trends in the data:


   650 000 first-time asylum seekers registered in 2017

   Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan – main citizenships of asylum seekers

   3 in 10 applied for asylum in Germany

   Highest number of first-time applicants relative to the population in Greece, lowest in Slovakia

    Close to one million asylum applications pending at the end of 2017

    In 2017, nearly 1 million first instance decisions were issued in the EU Member States; among them, 46 % were positive.


Publication Date: Tue 20 Mar 2018
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