European Foundation for Democracy - Panel Discussion: Voices from Refugees in Europe: Responsibility to Protect

The panel discussion will present the findings of the recently completed research project of the European Foundation for Democracy which examined how different European countries with high numbers of refugees and/or experience of integrating high numbers of refugees are managing the integration process and identifies good practices for integrating refugees. The research looked in particular at the situation of Syrian refugees in Europe, though not exclusively.


The panel will discuss the findings of the research and hear the perspectives of a number of experts and refugees, as they share their experiences, personal stories, as well as their recommendations for good models for refugee integration. Yousef Wehbe, a Palestinian refugee based in Berlin, has, for most of his life, been working with refugee communities on the protection of their rights and integration into host communities; Mohamad Khadam, a Syrian refugee living in Vienna, works for the integration of his compatriots in Austria and Germany; Sally Othman, also a Syrian refugee, works in Brussels to help integrate newcomers into the labour market; Marzia Masjidi, from Afghanistan, works in Antwerp supporting the integration of asylum seekers by focusing on human rights and gender equality; Marwa Farid, from Egypt, is an expert on monitoring and evaluating policy programmes in multiple fields, including integration.


16 May 2018 from 10:30 to 12:30


European Parliament

Rue Wiertz  - Brussels

Room PHS P1C047  

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