European Commission publishes 11th progress report on resettlement and relocation

Today, the Commission adopted its eleventh progress report on the EU's emergency relocation and resettlement schemes, assessing actions taken since 2 March 2017.

Some of the main conclusions of the 11th report on resettlement and relocation:


Member States have made steady progress on relocation, setting a new monthly record with an additional 2,465 persons relocated. As of 10 April, 16,340 relocations have now been carried out in total; 5,001 from Italy and 11,339 from Greece.

Belgium has welcomed a total of 492 relocated people (371 from Greece, and 121 from Italy).

However, more efforts are needed from all Member States to ensure that all people eligible are relocated over the coming months.The report includes targeted recommendations for specific Member States on how to improve the process all the way from making the pledge until the transfer takes place (e.g. pledge on a monthly basis, increase the overall numbers pledged, avoid overly restrictive preferences and limit requirements causing delays in the transfer procedure…).


On resettlement, Members States have continued to make significant progress, with 15,492 persons resettled to 21 countries so far (as of 10 April). This means that more than two thirds of the agreed 22,504 resettlements under the EU resettlement scheme have already been carried out.

Belgium has welcomed 752 resettled people under the 20 July 2015 scheme.

To help improve the relocation and the resettlement process, today's report includes targeted recommendations for Member States.

For further information, see the website of the European Commission.

Publication Date: Wed 12 Apr 2017
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