Dimitris Avramopoulos designated new Migration and Home Affairs Commissioner

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President-elect, has designed a new Migration and Home Affairs Commissioner: Dimitris Avramopoulos, Greece's current Minister of National Defence.

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Source: Europa News

President-elect Juncker's 'Mission Letter' to Avramopoulos sets out his priorities for the new Commissioner on Migration and Home Affairs: "Migration is one of the pressing challenges I have highlighted in my Political Guidelines. Europe needs to manage migration better, in all its aspects. A successful migration policy is both a humanitarian and an economic imperative. We need to show that the EU can offer both a compelling case to attract global talent, and a vision of how to robustly address the challenge of irregular migration. We need a new policy on migration that will address skill shortages and the demographic challenges the EU faces and that will modernise the way the EU addresses these challenges... During our mandate, I would like you to focus on the following: • Developing a new European policy on regular migration. Such a policy should help Europe address skills shortages and attract the talent that it needs. A first step will be to address the shortcomings of the “Blue Card” Directive: I would ask for a first review to be concluded within six months of the start of the mandate. Further steps will require reflection on the best ways to make the EU an attractive place for migration destination, on the basis of other existing models."

The New Commission will need to be confirmed by a vote of the European Parliament in October.

Publication Date: Wed 10 Sep 2014
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