To what extent could digital services support migration and asylum management? This joint EMN-OECD inform focuses on specific areas in the asylum, migration and acquisition of citizenship procedures, and border control management, where digital technologies may be used.
Main theme: Cross-sectional
The European Migration Network invites you to participate in a survey on one of its key products: the EMN Asylum and Migration Glossary.
Main theme: Cross-sectional
In the second half of 2021 EMN Belgium will continue to provide input for multiple EMN outputs. This way EMN Belgium tries to contribute to an evidence-based migration and asylum policy in Belgium and the EU and Norway.
Main theme: Cross-sectional
Since the first publication of the European Migration Network (EMN) Asylum and Migration Glossary in 2010, it has been a valuable resource for practitioners, policy-makers and researchers in the field of migration and asylum. By harmonising EU asylum and migration terms, the EMN Glossary offers an EU-wide multidisciplinary vocabulary of terms and concepts, translated into over 20 languages. The latest version of July 2020 contains approximately 500 terms.  
Main theme: Cross-sectional
On 15 December, EMN Belgium and the EMN Return Expert Group hosted a webinar on Alternatives to Detention. The online event focused on the current legal framework on alternatives to detention, the implementation of these alternatives in practice and the identification of emerging good practices and pilot projects.
Main theme: Return & Readmission
Keywords: Conférence EMN
Georgia and Moldova have joined the EMN in March 2021 as observers. This will enhance mutual collaboration and understanding on asylum and migration.
When17 March 2021
Main theme: Cross-sectional
Keywords: Eastern Europe
The Office of the Commissioner General for Refugees and Stateless Persons (CGRS) launched This new website provides information in nine languages about the asylum procedure in Belgium, tailored to the needs of asylum seekers. 
When22 March 2021
The new State Secretary for Asylum and Migration, Sammy Mahdi (CD&V) presented his General Policy Paper on Asylum and Migration in Parliament on 18 November 2020.
When18 November 2020
Main theme: Migration
Keywords: policy paper
In its Review 2019, Fedasil presents the most important events and figures on reception, voluntary return and resettlement of the past year. The overview shows an increase in the number of people entitled to reception and for whom more than 5000 temporary places were opened in 2019.
When03 July 2020
Main theme: Reception
Keywords: asiel
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, personal interviews of applicants for international protection at the CGRS were stopped in March. They were started again in June. To improve the safety of staff and applicants, a video with practical instructions was created.
Main theme: International Protection
Keywords: video
The EMN has recently conducted a study on "Comparative overview of national protection statuses”. A short video was created to highlight some of the key findings of this study.
Main theme: Regularization
Keywords: video
Today EMN Belgium has launched a Twitter account to better disseminate EMN outputs. 
When07 May 2020
Main theme: Cross-sectional
Keywords: médias sociaux
In 2020 EMN Belgium will continue to contribute to multiple EMN outputs on migration and asylum policy in the EU Member States. This way EMN Belgium contributes to an evidence-based migration and asylum policy in the EU and Belgium.
Main theme: Cross-sectional
Keywords: research
On 10 December 2019, EMN Belgium organized its annual asylum and migration policy event in which recent national and EU developments in the field of international protection, legal migration and integration, and irregular migration and return were discussed. 
When16 December 2019
The EMN has recently conducted a study on "Beneficiaries of International Protection Travelling to and Contacting Authorities of their Country of Origin”. A short video was created to highlight some of the key findings of this study
When05 November 2019
Main theme: Asylum
On 22 October 2019, the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) published the results of the survey conducted in the spring of 2019. The results show that especially the search for housing for beneficiaries of international protection is very problematic. The regulations state that, in principle, they must leave the Local Reception Initiative (LOI) within two months. As in the VVSG survey of 2017, half of the respondents do not consider this period to be feasible. For almost 1 in 5, finding housing within this timeframe very exceptionally the case, and only thanks to the possibility to extend the stay in the LOI twice by 1 month.  
Main theme: Integration
Keywords: huisvesting, LOI's, discriminatie
On 8 October 2019, Fedasil launched the new information platform The mobile website provides applicants for international protection (asylum seekers) in Belgium with reliable information in 12 languages, 8 of which include an audio version.
On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, which is organized every year on 20th June by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Eurostat published an infographic on annual asylum data for 2018 . Eurostat also published its Asylum quarterly report. In the first quarter of 2019, the number of first-time asylum applicants slightly increased : 4% more compared to the 4th quarter of 2018.
Main theme: Data & Statistics, Asylum
Today the English translation of the latest report on Human Trafficking and Smuggling from Myria was published. The 2018 report focuses on underage victims of trafficking and smuggling of human beings.
When12 June 2019
The Federal Public Service Interior has made a short video about foreign unaccompanied minors seeking international protection in Belgium.
When05 April 2019
Main theme: Vulnerable groups
Keywords: unaccompanied minors
Myria, the Belgian Federal Migration Centre, is recruiting a policy officer to work for the Belgian Contact Point of the European Migration Network (EMN).
When15 February 2019
Main theme: Cross-sectional
Keywords: job vacancy
The European Commission is presenting its Second Report on the progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings.
When04 December 2018
Main theme: Irregular Migration
Keywords: human trafficking
On the 26th of October 2018 the general policy note on asylum and migration of the State Secretary for Asylum and Migration was published. The policy note provides an overview of the main achievements and priorities in the field of asylum and migration.
When26 October 2018
Main theme: Asylum, Migration
Keywords: policy note
In his State of the Union, President Jean-Claude Juncker presented proposals to ensure full EU solidarity on migration and better protection of Europe's external borders. The Commission is proposing to reinforce the European Border and Coast Guard and the EU's Agency for Asylum and is proposing a targeted review of the Return Directive.
As of 11 August, irregularly staying families with minor children can be detained with a view to removal in family housing on the grounds of the closed detention centre 127bis.