Selling Visas and Citizenship: Policy Questions from the Global Boom in Investor Immigration (MPI)

The October Report of the Migration Policy Institute focuses on immigrant investor programs and the policymakers’ responses to immigrant investors’ increasing needs and demands, in particular visa and citizenship.

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The Migration Policy Institute (MPI) Report on “Selling Visas and Citizenship: Policy Questions from the Global Boom in Investor Immigration” offers an overview of immigrant investor programs around the world, ranging from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom to Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, and St. Kitts and Nevis.

It also examines several of the approaches policymakers have taken to encourage immigrant investment while balancing the objectives of economic benefit, public opinion, and program integrity. Finally, the report concludes with an outlook on the future of investor programs.

The report is made up of the following sections:

I. Introduction

II. How Do Immigrant Investor Programs Work?
A. Who Applied for Investor Programs and Why?
B. Types of Immigrant Investor Programs

III. Determining the Investment Type
A. Programs Based on Private-Sector Transaction
B. Programs Based on Investor-Government Transactions

IV. Immigrants or Casual Visitors? Residency Requirements

V. Ensuring Integrity

VI. What Next? The Future of Investor Programs

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Thu 09 Oct 2014
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