Responding to Migratory Pressures in 2011 (EMN Inform)

This EMN Inform provides a short overview of the main developments that took place in the EU in 2011 in response to increasing migratory pressure and specifically in relation to the six strategic priority areas of the EU Action on Migratory Pressure.

Based inter alia on national annual policy reports 2011, this EMN Inform provides an overview of:

  • Key statistics on refusals of entry, apprehensions, orders to leave as well as forced and voluntary returns (section 1)
  • Actions to support third countries with migration management, including EU-funded projects, Frontex operations and risk analysis as well as conferences (Section 2)
  • Actions to enhance external border controls, inter alia the EUROSUR pilot project, systems for making use of advanced passenger information (API) to improve border controls, automated border control system (PASSE)  to improve security as well as cooperation plans. (Section 3)
  • Developments that have contributed to the prevention of irregular migration via the Greek-Turkish Border, including continued negotiations on the EU Readmission Agreement  with Turkey, training and capacity building on border control, document fraud detection, the development of reception and detention centres and best practice in countering "nationality shopping" to Turkish authorities.  (Section 4)
  • Contributions to tackling abuse of legal migration channels, inter alia launching the Visa Information System (VIS) in North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia), reinforcing sanctions on third-country nationals using counterfeit employment contracts, participating in marriages of convenience, declaring false legal representation of a minor and submitting fraudulent registration in population register.  (Section 5)
  • Preventing misuse of free movement, with the Commission commitment to issue guidelines to support the interpretation and implementation of Schengen rules as well as national actions to collect and analyse data on EU documentation fraud and the use of facilitators to enter the EU.  (Section 6)
  • Return practices, inter alia comparative studies on return and reintegration procedures in Member States (including on the transposition of the Return Directive) launched by the Commission, IOM voluntary return programmes and joint return flights . (Section 7)