Refugee Resettlement in the EU: The capacity to do it better and to do it more (Migration Policy Center)

This new KNOW RESET comparative report makes the case for the increased use of resettlement by European countries through national resettlement programmes and common efforts for a harmonized European resettlement programme.


KNOW RESET was an EU-wide research project that aimed to analyse how resettlement is currently conducted in the European Union, and in what ways it can be improved.

EU Comparative Report

This report is made up three main sections:

Section 1 assesses the capacity of EU Member States to commit or not to resettlement; to expand their efforts (more resettlement places); and to conduct more effective (better quality) resettlement.

Section 2 examines the future of resettlement across the European Union.

Section 3 formulates recommendations to improve the quality of national resettlement and to promote a better resettlement policy in Europe.

Author: Elona Bokshi (European Council on Refugees and Exiles)

Publication Date:
Tue 21 Jan 2014
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