Fedasil communicates its statistics and analyses concerning voluntary returns

The Belgian Federal Agency for Reception of Asylum Seekers presents the statistics of voluntary returns performed from Belgium in 2011.

In 2011, 3 358 immigrants in Belgium have opted for assisted voluntary return. This represents an increase of 14% compared to 2010. It also represents the highest number of voluntary returns from Belgium, since 2005. These tendencies result from a serie of measures and information campaigns taken by fedasil and other partners.

The voluntary return can be requested by a majority of migrants who express their willingness to go back to their country of origin. Voluntary return consists, for a majority of migrants, on a plane ticket and financial support. A further financial support can be provided to stimulate returns through the reintegration fund. In 2011, one third of the voluntary returnees have benefited from this financial assistance. Most of the recipients of this fund in 2011 were ex-asylum seekers.

For statistics and further information, you can visit the fedasil website.

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Wed 29 Feb 2012
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