Family Reunification (EMN)

This EMN Synthesis Report aims to summarise and compare, within a European perspective, the findings from nine National Contact Points (Austria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Latvia, Romania, Sweden, Netherlands and the United Kingdom) of the European Migration Network (EMN), on family reunification.

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In keeping with the EMN's objective, the purpose of this study was to improve the understanding of family reunification within the EU in order to support, in particular, policy-makers concerned with any possible further development of this form of legal migration. It also, to the extent possible, identifies incoherencies in the implementation of Directive 2003/86/EC on Family Reunification. An overview of the available statistical data, given in more detail in each Country Study produced by the participating EMN National Contact Points (NCPs), is also presented.

This study is available in English only.

Author: EMN

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Wed 12 Jan 2011
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