Exploring New Avenues for Legislation for Labour Migration to the European Union (Study for the LIBE Committee)

Upon request by the LIBE committee, this research paper reviews the social and economic context of EU international labour migration policy, the status of relevant EU legislation and the available policy options.

The paradox between the need for international labour migration to counter the impending demographic crisis in Europe and the lack of commensurate policy instruments to attract and integrate labour migration from third countries into the EU is one of the key strategic issues for Europe.

Upon request by the LIBE committee, this research paper looks at the existing evidence regarding labour market shortages and labour migration needs in the EU; the gradual development of an EU-wide legal framework on economic migration and its current status; the existing evidence for the impact of EU labour migration policies and legislation on migratory movements, as well as the integration challenges posed by the arrival of third-country nationals; and the available policy options from a comprehensive labour market perspective, as well as their feasibility. These options for opening up legal labour migration channels to the EU should be considered in the framework of the ongoing discussion over the European Agenda on Migration.

The study is available in English.

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Wed 16 Dec 2015
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