EU and non-EU Harmonised Protection Statuses in Belgium (EMN)

This study examines the protection statuses granted in Belgium, including those harmonized at European level and those set at the national level in the framework of asylum and immigration policies. It addresses the legal basis, procedures and rights attached to these statuses.

About this study:

The harmonization of the European asylum policy allowed Belgium to give a legal basis to its broad interpretation of the Geneva Convention and to introduce a subsidiary protection status. Besides the status granted to refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, 10 other statutes and administrative practices lead to the granting of protection in Belgium in accordance with various international obligations. While the national protection statuses have their deficiencies, stakeholders prefer to ameliorate these statuses on a national level, rather than an EU harmonisation as this might lead to lower standards and rights.

This study is available in English only.

Marleen Maes (University of Leuven)
Professor M-C Foblets (University of Leuven)
Professor Dirk Van Heule (University of Antwerp)

Publication Date:
Tue 01 Dec 2009
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