EMN Bulletin (January - March 2020)

The 30th edition of the EMN Bulletin provides up-to-date information on recent migration and international protection policy developments at EU and national level. It has a special annex on COVID-19 measures.

Today the 30th Bulletin of the European Migration Network (EMN) has been published.

This Bulletin (document above) offers an overview of EU and national developments in asylum and migration policy as well as an overview of key statistics, plus related EMN outputs and developments (January - March 2020).

The Bulletin has been revamped completely, and is now also available as an electronic newsletter. If you want to subscribe to this newsletter, please click here.  

The measures taken by the Member States (including Belgium) to tackle COVID-19 in the field of asylum and migration are summarized in a special annex to the Bulletin (also above).

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Fri 08 May 2020
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