EMN Bulletin (April - June 2019)

The 27th edition of the EMN Bulletin provides up-to-date information on recent migration and international protection policy developments at EU and national level, including the latest relevant published statistics.


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The 27th edition of the EMN Bulletin provides information on developments at EU and national level (from April to June 2019) regarding general policy developments; the Common European Asylum System; unaccompanied minors and vulnerable groups; legal migration and integration; the management of the EU external borders; irregular migration and return; trafficking in human beings; and external dimensions.

This edition contains - inter alia - information on:

At EU level:

  • On 22 May a Regulation on establishing a framework for interoperability between EU information systems in the field of borders and visa was adopted. The Regulation aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of checks at the external borders, preventing and combating illegal immigration and enhancing security in the EU.
  • On 14 June, the Council adopted new rules to improve the functioning of the European network of immigration liaison officers and improve coordination. These new rules, inter alia, foresaw a stringer role for liaison officers in combating migrant smuggling and collecting information to assist third countries in preventing illegal migration flows and to support border management at the EU's external borders.
  • ...

At national level:

  • BE: On 4 April, the Council of State partly suspended the execution of the Royal Decree pertaining to the detention of families with children with a view to return them. This decision followed the request made by various associations to suspend several articles of the Royal Decree pertaining to the detention of children. The reason invoked by the Council of State was that the Royal Decree did not preclude the possibility to detain children in places where they were likely to be exposed to airport nuisance, while this detention could last up to a month.
  • BE: On 11 June, Myria, the national independent rapporteur on human trafficking, published the English version of its 2018 annual report on trafficking and smuggling of human beings. This report focused on the detection, reception and support of child victims of human trafficking. According to the findings of Myria, Nigerian minors were a particularly vulnerable group.
  • DE: On 7 June, the German Bundestag approved a package of migration-related laws to make it easier to integrate migrants (Skilled Labour Immigration Act, Foreign Nationals Employment Act and Asylum Seekers’ Benefits Act).

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